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Saab SAAB 9-5 1997-2005 BOOT MAT 1997 - 2005

Car Make: Saab
Car Model: SAAB 9-5 1997-2005 BOOT MAT
Year Suitable For: 1997 - 2005
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Saab SAAB 9-5 1997-2005 BOOT MAT 1997 - 2005

Our tailored car mats come in 5 qualities
and are all manufactured in the UK


Premium is a 600g/m2 looped pile carpet with granular backing
(made from recycled tyres).


Luxury is a 900g/m2 tufted (like a toothbrush) carpet, easy to clean
and longer lasting than the Premium grade.

Executive (the Previous super Luxury)

Executive is the bees knees, a 1300g/m2 deep pile tufted carpet that makes you want to kick off your shoes.


Prestige is one of the highest grades of aftermarket Automotive materials, Plush Wool effect fabric, so plush this is not available for personalisation.


3mm thick rubber mats in a chequer plate design.

SAAB 9-5 1997-2005 BOOT MAT
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