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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy ensures that your information is protected. We abide by the Data Protection Act 1998 in our data collection methods and are bound by its terms and conditions.

Use of your data:

  • Your information is used by ourselves only and never shared or sold to any other third party.
  • The information we collect is used for ensuring that your order is accurately despatched and for internal marketing purposes only.
  • apart from your address and delivery details, like most e-commerce operators, we collect browsing information, down to geographical location, times and your activity on our site. this software is widely used throughout the world by leading companies in order to improve your web surfing experience and to research into the the most popular pages visited on our web site. again, this information is never disclosed to anyone.
  • only authorised personnel have access to your information. the access level is based on the individual's job description. for instance, it is only necessary for a despatch employee to know the order number and delivery address. such employees are not given access to credit card numbers, personal addresses or telephone numbers.
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